Only us “40 plus Cincinnista’s  actually remember this famous song,  but in case you don’t:  here is the point:  Bell Style sleeves are “way in” this season.  Whether it’s short sleeved or long,  top or dress, bell sleeves are stylish and flattering.  Flattering I say?  Yes!  Kind of like how bell bottom jeans elongate and thin the thigh, bell sleeves do the same for your arms.  And who doesn’t need a little help in that area these days?!

Check out these examples:

Love these bell sleeves on yes, a striped top. Another look totally in this season. The black and white combo is also a classic.
Can’t go wrong with this off-the-shoulder black bell sleeved top by Milly.
Love this knitted cold shoulder dress by Shoshanna. Not to mention the deep pink color is perfect for Spring!
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