Call it oatmeal, swan or ecru:  that off-white color or reeaallly light tan is classic in fashion and design.  Paired with a stronger graphic pattern or your favorite black pants,  a solid winter white top, sweater, or jacket add both contrast and style to an otherwise dark wardrobe for the winter.  While I’ll always be a “black” fan,  the use of winter white lightens your look during these upcoming drab days!


This “oatmeal” fringe sweater by Haute Hippe is warm and looks great with patterned pants.
Black and cream are a classic combination! My “ecru” top is the simple background to this damask style skirt I just bought from Rachel Hamilton of Bling. Notice the ecru booties:)
Another amazing piece by Haute Hippe! I couldn’t resist the bohemian chic look of this sweater jacket. Again, looks great with black and color….not to mention, funky, bold jewelry!














So why winter white vs. “white white?”  Well I have many philosophies on this,  but the first is that in the winter our brighter complexions fade (and no-Cincinnistas do not sun bathe in the summer, just get a healthy glow!) hence that crisp white shirt just isn’t as contrasting and flattering.  Not that a great white shirt won’t work,  it just looks better layered under cardigan for example. The softness of winter white is simply more seasonal. In addition,  winter white works better with the darker, richer colors of fall.   Think about it.  What looks better paired with your jewel toned skinny jeans?  “White white” or cream?  The answer is obvious.  I mean who wants to match that big embankment of snow we have coming in a month or so?

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