So not to be a negative “Cincinnista” on a Friday night (I know shouldn’t be not at work right now:) but my love affair with the metallic “studs” that are so “in” on handbag, shoes, and clothing has become a  bit strained.  After three rounds of a beautiful pair of Jimmy Choo sandals where the studs on the heals have fallen off, all I can say if “buyer beware!”  While Jimmy Choo has courteously fixing them now for the third time, it has been weeks of inconvenience of waiting for them to be fixed. And the next question is…will “studs” be out of style by the time I get them back?!  Kind of funny…but true.

I also had this issue with my Valentino Rockstud Dome shopper handbag as well as a pair of their flats.  Twice a stud fell out, and Nordstrom promptly had them fixed as apparently this is a common situation.  Hence, they are now prepared.

So the bottom line is when buying apparel or handbags, first, buy them from a quality company that will back up their product if there is a problem, such as a Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus.  To be honest,  buying American does pay off!  My Jimmy Choo sandals were bought from Jimmy Shoe directly based out of London and all they will do is fix the shoe not replace unlike a larger U.S. based store known for great service.

I will say the one item I’ve had surprisingly no problem with is with my Gucci Studded scarf from Neiman Marcus.  I have worn that grey scarf for days on end in this cold weather and not a stud has fallen from this cashmere piece.  Not to mention metal glued to fabric?  Can they give me the secret because obviously no one else has figured it out!

Cheers and Happy Friday!

Beautiful and fit like a glove. Something Jimmy Choo is known for. However, admittedly so by the manufacturerer, the studs on the heel rub against each other and simply won’t stay on.


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