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The Doldrums of Winter Shopping

Ok,  not to undermine my fellow Cincinnistas who are actively selling their fashionable goods,  but let’s face it:  January apparel shopping really isn’t worth your time.  First of all,  all of the best items went on sale as early as pre-Thanksgiving and are now gone…at least in your size.  In addition, anything new out right now is resort wear which, unless you are doing that big winter vacation (yeah, I wish!), isn’t something you need…hence wait until the summer.  I will say some major finds can be with some of the Haute Couture brands such as Valentino and Fendi (their own web-sites) where they have waited until the bitter end to mark fall/merchandise down.  I know I got a fabulous pair of Fendi logo boots last January in Aspen but had to look hard!  Other good deals can be found at some of our high-end local boutiques such as Alligator Purse and Soho who have slashed their prices. Again, just pure luck finding your size.

My advice overall:  if you don’t stumble on it or need something desperately, don’t bother.  Wait until the best of the Spring comes out in March and then some. Cheers!

Happy New Year! What’s New for 2016

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 1.13.21 PM
InStyle laying out 2016’s Fashion Color Trends.

Now that this Cincinnista has come up for air from an amazing yet crazy 2015,  it’s time to talk 2016!

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 5.59.42 PM
Classic white with the comeback ruffle top.

Well, from an interior design standpoint, get this:  Benjamin Moore’s design color of the year is pure white.  Yes, the trend is towards softer muted colors, yet here is the catch:  select bold colors such as buttercup, fiesta, green flash, snorkel blue and peach (yes, pull out that bridesmaids dress…ugh!) are all in. Not to mention, InStyle’s two colors for the year are Rose Quartz and Serenity (a light sky blue)…pastels are not exactly my personal favorites.  In my opinion, the colors this year are all over the place.  Solution: wear what looks best on you and rock it with those existing “in” items from 2015: flare pants,  fringe accessories, graphic prints and tie blouses.  What I do notice different is the return of ruffles, lace and eyelit…especially with classic white.  While I love a bit of this, I was so ruffled out 5 years ago, almost all my ruffles have been disposed of!  Oh well…time to update!  The bottom line:  us fashion forward Cincinnista’s need to update while maintaining our current style and class.  Cheers!

“Ladies Night Out” a Big Success!

With 6 fabulous vendors displaying and selling their products,  not to mention great food and wine, our “Ladies Night Out”IMG_6225 at Amy Youngblood InteriorsIMG_6198 IMG_6196 IMG_6237 IMG_6221 was fun and a great turnout!  Bling owner, Rachel Hamilton,  graciously offered up a door prize to a lucky winner and 10% of all proceeds went to the worthwhile Karen Wellington Foundation.  Until next year…Cheers!


“Ladies Night Out” at Amy Youngblood Interiors!

FullSizeRender 8
Just a few of our home decor items on sale tomorrow night!
FullSizeRender 7
Love our holiday window…thanks to my assistant, Jocelyn!

AYI_LADIES NIGHT OUT 2015 INVITE_v4-01We are excited and getting ready to host what is going to be a huge turn out tomorrow night!  Join us from 6-9, Wednesday, December 9th, to shop for the holidays, socialize, and enjoy fine food and libations.  Our amazing products include items such as clothing from Bling, shoes by Jill Haney,  jewelry by Erin Wachs and home accessories by Black and Brindle…..not to mention artwork, accessories, and select furnishings from Amy Youngblood Interiors!  We will be featuring special raffle door prize for all registered guests.  10% of all sales will be donated to the amazing Karen Wellington Foundation.

JH Shoes: Great Style for Less!

My fellow style expert and Cincinnista, Jill Haney,  has started her own shoe business and will also be a featured vendor at our “Ladies Night Out”  event December 9th!  Jill’s love for shoes and her belief that shoes are the” fountain of youth” got her started. Women of all ages can appreciate the upgrade of a look with the right shoes as they are one of our most important style accessories.  Not to mention,  her fashion forward shoes look way more expensive than they are and all retail for $100 or less.

These suede booties retail for only $95!!
These suede booties retail for only $95!

As Jill says, “Change your shoes, change your life!”

Beautiful Skin for the Holidays? Introducing Beautycounter!

Winter skin blahs? This gentle, yet super-effective exfoliating cleanser sweeps away impurities to uncover fresh, radiant skin. Non-abasive jojoba breads help slough off dry skin, while organic coconut oil and aloe sooth and hydrate.
Looking for a high performance day cream? Try Beautycounter’s Uplifting Day Cream. Soften and sooth skin while gently increasing elasticity. A combination of omega-rich natural oils nourish, yet firm the skin’s appearance.

This Cincinnista is always cognitive of her skin, good days and bad. But I want to talk about a locally represented line of beauty products that you can experience and purchase at our “Ladies Night Out” party next Wednesday, December, 9th!  Local representative, Ceci David,  will be here to showcase her progressive, yet proven-effective products.  In a nutshell, Beauty counter is a personal care brand built on the belief the that products can be beautiful, effective, AND, physically and environmentaly safe. It’s like Whole Foods meets Chanel.  In Europe, 1,400 chemicals are banned from personal care products.  In the U.S. there are only 11.  Beauty counter has banned over 1,500 chemicals and has stricter ingredient testing than anyone in the market place.  Their products range from skin care, to sunscreen, to a kids line, to cosmetics.  It’s an incredible company!  Not to mention,  Beautycounter has partnerships with J. Crew and Gwyneth Palthrow’s heath and beauty group.  Check out their web-site and experience them on December 9th!

That Perfect Work Bag: Not your Old Fashioned Briefcase!

As a designer and of course a Cincinnista,  I have many different looks and needs for bags.  Obviously, one needs a great basic handbag: stylish, yet practical for my wallet, make-up, checkbook, and yes,  all the loose “crap”  that should ultimately be thrown away!

But for most of us, being either working women or those that need to stay organized with our planner, work, or kiddo files?  I personally need help with all of the above including a metal tape measure and often a paint deck, just to mention a few of the things I lug around.  For me,  a lightweight, somewhat durable square shaped, tote bag is key.  Right now,  I carry a Tory Burch tote bag I’ve had for almost 5 years and it is falling apart!  I’m looking to upgrade while still maintaining a good ROI….you know us Cincinnistas do know some financial terms?!


So here are my four main criteria when choosing a “not your old briefcase”  type of work bag:

Stylish:  Gotta  have something hip that with me that I carry around 24/7. Color wise? Can’t go wrong with black or brown, but what’s wrong with something more colorful if you love it and it’s in your comfortable color palette?

Large Size:  At least 15″ wide x 11″ high x 5″ deep.  When you think about a standard paper/paper size…..that’s about how much you need when you pad it and pack it all in.

Lightweight:  If you are going all leather,  nothing thick nor with lots of metal!  this will weight you down even more!  I recommend a combination of fabric/nylon and leather.  This will be easier to tote around while enduring the elements like being sat on the floor at work or a job-site.

Handles:  Are the length and thickness large and comfortable enough for you to carry around all day?

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 10.02.26 PM
This reversible tote bag by Gucci. Available in several colors with the classic Gucci canvas logo and lightweight leather for either side.
Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 9.59.25 PM
The Camo leather/nylon large tote bag by Valentino. The lightweight, fun camouflage print looks eclectic with the leather handles and signature stud accents of Valentino.

So here are a couple of ones to check out. Both fun and practical but not cheap.  Although, if I’m going to drag it around for five years?  Thoughts?





Add some “BLING” to that Holiday Wardrobe!

OK,  I’m back!  Like most of us, this Cincinnista got caught up in the pre-Thanksgiving craze…and got off the blogging train!  But I’m back even more to share!

With Thanksgiving over,  and us Cincinnistas in full shopping mode,  I must talk about another Cincinnati based fashion source,  “Bling!”, owned by my friend Rachel Hamilton.   After years in the fashion industry, Rachel founded Bling in 2005 inspired by her love of outfitting women with easy “no brainer” clothing and accessories at an affordable price.  Her clothing is fashion forward, yet classy.  Her accessories and costume style jewelry add a creativeAYI_LADIES NIGHT OUT 2015 INVITE_v4-01 “bling”  to any wardrobe.  Not to mention, her faux furs are the nicest I’ve ever experienced at a fraction of the real thing!

Bling will be one of our featured Vendor’s at our Ladies Night Out at Amy Youngblood Interiors on Wednesday, December 9th!  You can also view Rachael’s products on her web-site.

Black rich goat fans fur inspires fashion daydreams. Collarless with simple full-length sleeves and a closer, body skimming shape. Perfect with jeans and boots or with heels for a dressy night out!