Well I’m embarrassed to say it’s been almost a month now since my last post….High Point Market travel and buried with moving!  Along with a good size client load and renovating the new space, life has been more than busy.  We moved however without a hitch last Friday and are working away in our new digs.


The process of completely upgrading the space, however, is still in the works.  While we have all of our new office furniture installed, most new showroom furniture in, flooring and most painting done,  we ran in some plumbing hurdles.  Our lovely local building inspector stopped in one day and after much hassle…we were forced to post pone our bathroom renovation. So beware… our bathroom is much cleaner but still uglier than you know what!  Our landlord has been very  helpful with this issue and we finally have our plumbing and kitchenette cabinetry ordered.  Given that…we are in a waiting stage on many items at this point.  As an interior designer,  I know how many of my clients feel!  But stay tuned.  The world class artwork from Malton Gallery is to be hung tomorrow, a few stunning furniture pieces and amazing entry way floor tile on way , more cool light fixtures, and a fabulous kitchen/bathroom area coming.


Check out our latest pics….and yes I decided to skip the moving pics just to forget about that part of it!


The front area has been totally transformed. Just loving the amazing wallpaper as the backdrop for this amazing oversized chandelier. New dining table and sofa on way!
Kitchen area with new tile, lighting and painting.
I almost forgot signage! ABC Sign did an amazing job refurbishing this historical sign with our updated logo. Fun to watch the installation too:)
Proud to have my name in OTR!
The new fabric and selection library
My big new office! Still waiting on two mid century modern guest chairs. Loving the floor planks that we designed generously donated by Shaw!
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