With the holidays behind us (well almost) this Cincinnista is recovering from a crazy yet fun 2016 and looking forward to an even better 2017!

I’m going to pass on writing about New Years Even Fashion tips as some of us don’t care about it as much as others:)  So on with the next year!


-Stripes.  While often seen as a traditional and often dowdy look,  stripes can look sophisticated and modern paired with more current styles.

-Fun and interesting sneakers.  No, not those the hospital style white ones, that grandma wears, but a variety of creative, yet comfortable sneakers are now out there.  The new sneakers come in all type of fabrics, leather and embossing.  Even high end retailer Gucci has a section on their web-site devoted to “Sneakers”.

-Bye, bye the awful 2016 Colors of the Year:  Rose Quartz and Serenity!  This year’s color of 2017 is “Greenery”, a lighter and brighter version of Emerald.  Great for for winter and summer,  this color doesn’t evoke the “pastel” romance of last years colors,  but a bold, excitement toward life.

-Artistic prints and patterns.  Still in style, the DVF inspired prints have become a reference point for other top designers. I personally recently bought graphic M Missoni skirt on sale that is timeless,  yet hip and fun with a simple top.

-The mule shoe.  Man I wish I hadn’t cleaned my closet of these in the 90’s, but they are back!  Inspired by comfort,  mule come in various, colors and embossing, just like their cousin, the sneaker.

-Also, in:  lower heels!  Thank God!  This Cincinnista is pushing 50 and the thought of stiletto heels even for 10 minutes just does me in.  The lower block style heels that were in for the fall are here to stay.

So these are just a few 2017 Trends to start.  Happy New Year and see you in 2017!



This asymetrical top by Milly is both tailored, yet festive.
Is this “sneaker” by Gucci really a sneaker?! Makes me almost like snakes!
This classic yet comfy pump by Halston Heritage will go with anything.
Another comfy shoe by Halston Heritage. Love this metallic mule.
This knit top by DVF evolves a graphic and almost modern art feel.
Color of 2017: “Greenery!”
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