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May Flowers: Flower Power or Overkill?

So as an interior designer and Cincinnista,  I appreciate the power of a beautiful floral print.  From elegant drapes to and fabulous blouse,  floral prints are all the rage.


However, I honesty believe the flower trend has been over done and has a limited shelf life.  What happened to solids, textures and graphic prints?  While I love the “spring-like” essence of flowers…yes…way behind on planting mine!…..I think the flower rage has become an overkill and is short lived.


Does that mean you off the shoulder large scale floral blouse is done next year?  Not necessary.  When done tastefully and paired with more minimal items, florals are fabulous.  It’s also the type of floral prints that matter.  While I know I’m not getting any younger,  I’ve seen some florals that honestly look like antiques…you know something grandma would wear.  And hey, I’m not in the business of looking older…right?


Check these looks out and see my comments. Hopefully, that will shed some light to my Cincinnista “How To’s:’


So this DVF maxi dress is not only confusing and busy, but way too hot for the summer! Perhaps the bright pick floral fabric would have done better and more flattering with solid black accents.
This floral tip is a hit in my opinion. I actually purchased this from Saks by designer Rebecca Minkoff. Looks great with simple blue or white jeans.
This pattern is a total no-no. The small scale florals look unsophisticated and juvenile. And at this price point with the exposed midriff, not a Cincinnista buy.
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Lace and Crochet: Again, Back to the 70’s!

So I must admit,  now that my crazy move is over and with an impeding Spring Season and Summer Wedding,   here is my lastest….


-Embroidered and knit tops (and bottoms):  Yes,  I know the days of the embroidered emblem jeans are over (well…not really…just saw some 1K plus jean embroidered skirts on Neiman Marcus’ site..YIPES!)  Anyway, the bohemian chic 70’s look is still in.  Flowy silk or polyester tops with stitching or embroidery are  back with a vengeance.  Perfectly paired with flared jeans or skinny jeans and spring closed/open toe booties.


-Lace:  Just when I thought we were back to solid fabrics….lace is back in as well…God love you Madonna in the 80’s!  (minus the lace gloves..)  I’ve been actively looking for a Cincinnista appropriate wedding reception dress and what did I find???  A light pink strapless number in lace….still waiting for the FedEx box…stay tuned!


Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 9.11.37 PM
A fun embroidered tunic dress by Alice and Olivia. And notice the fringe sandals!
Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 9.12.28 PM
Another great piece from Alice and Olivia. Perfectly paired with with either traditional or white jeans. Don’t forget the white camisole ladies!









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