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Oui Oui! Montreal….

So as I left off…this Cincinnista had an amazing wedding…and now off to the honeymoon.  After two well needed days to re-cooperate, Tom and I headed to a well needed 5 day get away in Montreal.

Despite flying international, the flight was pretty easy.  Our first bit of fun was being on the entire two flights with the FC Cincinnati soccer team and their coaches.  As my kids are huge fans, of course my motherly duty was to get as many autographs as possible along with their head coach, John Harkes.  I was so impressed with their professional, nice demeanor not to mention…they are pretty cute!

Once we arrived in Montreal at the Hotel Intercontinental,  we laid low our first night at the in-house bar called Sarah B.  Known as an historical absinthe bar…which is banned in the U.S. now by the way….we ate fabulous calamari along with wine and cocktails.

Speaking of food, Montreal lives up to its reputation of amazing food!  From the Boris Bistro with it’s amazing risotto, to the french XO Le Restaurant’s delicious filet mignon, to Notkin’s Oyster Bar, I was never starved for flavorful cuisine.  The only thing that helped stave  off a few calories  was the tons of walking we did exploring different parts of the city.  My only complaint dining wise was that as California chardonnay kind of girl, the french whites were tough on my palette.  I know…boo hoo, right?!  We did stumble in to an American style Bistro called Houston’s one happy hour, and I got my American Chardonnay fix!

Beyond food and drink,  the biggest thing Montreal offers is an amazing mix of culture. As many people know,  it is a French speaking city with all types of cultures and nationalities.   Luckily, this Cincinnista took 4 years of french in high school only to really get by with “bonjour” and “merci” with a bit of a french accent…  but hey, A for effort right?  Tom and I loved the powerful Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec  and Pompeii exhibits at The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts not to mention our last day find:  the L Hotel in Old Montreal.  The L Hotel first grabbed us when we walked by on day one accidentally to later find that it’s owner,  George Marciano, the founder of Guess Jeans, houses a world class art collection of contemporary art.   From a Marciano portrait by Andy Warhol, to Jean Miro to Sam Francis, prints and originals by some of the top  early 1900 artist’s can be found.  And the service while having drinks while looking at beautiful art and interior design….Merci Beaucoup!

That’s it for now.  Back to reality.  Fall is around the corner and stay stunned for the late fashion and style news there!  Cheers!

At Laguardia airport with FC Cincinnati Head Coach John Harkes and star player Sean Okoli
The outside of the restrooms at Notkin’s Oyster Bar. Who would have guessed?
Every big city has to have a piece of the Berlin Wall..Oui? Outside of our hotel.
Loving this Botero sculpture!
Dining on Old Montreal. So French!
IMG_7989 (1)
Loving the practical yet creative sculpture.
A classic Dale Chihuly outside The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.
Miro at the L Hotel. Must I say more?
XO Le Restaurant . HIp, tasty and chic.
Yummy oysters at Notkin’s Oyster Bar.
Outside of the L Hotel. Who can miss the classic contemporary Robert Indiana LOVE sculpture?
One of my favorite originals by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec at The Montreal of Fine Arts.
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Pilates: Why I can’t live without it!

After a fairly stressful work week,  it’s amazing what an hour of pilates can do for your  mind,  let alone for the body.  Are we talking pure meditation here?  Why no, but a combination of breathing, strength and athleticism wrapped up in one class.  While I prefer the reformer versus mat version, both have incredible benefits.

As a very athletic teenager,  I played all the traditional sports:  swimming,  track, basketball and yes, even softball.  Being a total “jock” (yes, Cincinnistas can be jocks, just don’t look it:) I was un open to the idea of a “non-traditional” work-out.  However,  about a year and a half ago,  I decided that the typical long elliptical workout accompanied by sit-ups and weights weren’t cutting it.   The tone in my body and waist line were simply getting soft.  Don’t get me wrong:  I’m still 47 and no longer have my 26″ waist from my thirties,  but baby if I can fight gravity I will!


Check out the 8 Reason Every Woman Should do Pilates from Fitness MagazineScreen Shot 2015-10-22 at 6.31.50 PM. Not to mention,  the sex benefits??!!  Anyone??




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