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Cincinnista to be featured on Channel 19 Fox Now Show!

Well, after the honor of appearing twice as an interior designer on Fox News,  I am excited to announce that Cincinnista will be featured on the February 1st show at 10:10 am!

We will be discussing Fashion Tips and Trends for 2017.  In addition,  we will be featuring some fellow Cincinnista models in clothing, shoes and accessories provided by The Co-Op on Camargo.  So stay tuned and mark your calendar!

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End of Season Sale at the Co-Op!

Ok, I’m back from talking about ruffles to even more exciting news!

The CO-Op is having a big End of Season Sale starting Thursday, February 9th-Saturday February 11th.  Some of the fall/winter seasons hottest items will be drastically discounted not to mention,  join us for cocktail and appetizers on the 9th from 6-8.  A $5 donation at the door with also go to benefit the always worthwhile Karen Wellington Foundation.

For those of you not familiar with the CO-OP,  it is a store conveniently located in Madiera, housing several top fashion vendors in Cincinnati.  In addition,  the Sale will include additional vendors for a total of 6:   Elizabeth’s Closet, Erin Wach’s Gallery, Folchi’s, La Silhouette, Rambling Rita’s, Rory Maxwell and of course the CO-OP.

So put on your comfy shopping shoes and get ready for fun and deals!





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Decorating for the Holidays!

While this Cincinnista doesn’t talk much interior design on this blog, when it comes to the holiday decorating your home correctly is important.  ‘Tis the season!

Amy Youngblood Interiors graciously appeared on the Channel 19 Fox Morning Show last week to discuss tips and trends in holiday decorating.  In case you missed it, here is the scoop!

  1.  Embrace a color scheme.  Red and green?  White and gold?  Blue and silver?  Pick a palette and stick with it to create a unfied look.  Accent with a pop of red if need be.
  2.  Wrap gifts early and get them under the tree….even if they are empty boxes!  A decorated tree with a variety of fun wrapping paper adds to the already festive scene.
  3. Make the holiday table a special one.  For your big holiday dinner, besides a great centerpiece, add decorative items such as round metallic balls or holday glitter.  Layer different patterned tablecloths for a more customized look.  Another tip: for buffet style dining, secretly elevate areas of the table for serving and display with paint cans!
  4. Engage your senses with light and the scent of fun candles…..always adds to the ambiance of the room.
  5. Accent items in your home that are unique and special.  Fill a decorative bowl with metallic balls or add festive bows and garland to a stylish pair of sconces.
  6. Modernize your decorations.   I’m not saying throw our Grandma’s Christmas village set, but like everyday decor in our lives, the trend is towards more clean-lined modern pieces.
  7. Bring in the Great Outdoors!  Now this decoration can last not only through the holidays but throughout the entire season.  Fill a glass or metallic vase with corkscrew willow branches of something similar to give interest and height to your table.
  8. Finally, “Less is More.”  While we want to be festive, we highly recommend decorating with class.  Lighting up your home like a Christmas tree is overkill, not to mention dangerous!

Cheers and Happy Holidays!

Add a festive bow and fun branches to an already cool sconce.
Myself and designer Chelsea Moeller on set. Table finished!
Working away to set up the “demo” table. The clock is running!
Loved talking to Fox anchor Kara Sewell. She is so professional and a class act!
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Prada, Valentino, Gucci….the Holiday Sales are On!

So  this Cincinnista has been caught up in the Thanksgiving rush, in addition to a full work load and yes,  did I mention we are still renovating our offices and to top it off I caught the holiday sinus infection?!


So, enough of my excuses, back to some fun shopping and deals:)  Forget about Black Friday.  I was pleasantly surprised to find several high ticket shoes and bags I had been eyeing on sale up to 40% off early last week!  I scooped up a Valentino tote I’d seen at Saks months ago, but put off due to the price.  As we all know,  it’s rare that Premium Designer labels go on sale go hurry…these items will be gone way before Christmas!  Another hint,  Gucci has a big sale twice a year…but you will have to wait until end of December for that one..grab it while you can Cincinnista’s!


Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving!

Can’t go wrong with a simple black Prada bag now on sale at Saks.
I bought this exact Valentino bag on sale as well. Love the rich caramel color with the unique Valentino stud detailing!
These Prada Mary Jane’s are also on sale at Saks. The chunky heal is so in this season as well as comfortable!
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Getting There!

Well I’m embarrassed to say it’s been almost a month now since my last post….High Point Market travel and buried with moving!  Along with a good size client load and renovating the new space, life has been more than busy.  We moved however without a hitch last Friday and are working away in our new digs.


The process of completely upgrading the space, however, is still in the works.  While we have all of our new office furniture installed, most new showroom furniture in, flooring and most painting done,  we ran in some plumbing hurdles.  Our lovely local building inspector stopped in one day and after much hassle…we were forced to post pone our bathroom renovation. So beware… our bathroom is much cleaner but still uglier than you know what!  Our landlord has been very  helpful with this issue and we finally have our plumbing and kitchenette cabinetry ordered.  Given that…we are in a waiting stage on many items at this point.  As an interior designer,  I know how many of my clients feel!  But stay tuned.  The world class artwork from Malton Gallery is to be hung tomorrow, a few stunning furniture pieces and amazing entry way floor tile on way , more cool light fixtures, and a fabulous kitchen/bathroom area coming.


Check out our latest pics….and yes I decided to skip the moving pics just to forget about that part of it!


The front area has been totally transformed. Just loving the amazing wallpaper as the backdrop for this amazing oversized chandelier. New dining table and sofa on way!
Kitchen area with new tile, lighting and painting.
I almost forgot signage! ABC Sign did an amazing job refurbishing this historical sign with our updated logo. Fun to watch the installation too:)
Proud to have my name in OTR!
The new fabric and selection library
My big new office! Still waiting on two mid century modern guest chairs. Loving the floor planks that we designed generously donated by Shaw!
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AYI Moving to OTR!

So off the subject of fall fashion and on to bigger news!  After looking for over a year at various locations in the Hyde Park/Mount Lookout/Oakley area,  I finally turned my gaze to downtown OTR.  My love for the area really kicked in earlier this year when I began a remodeling project for a great client on Vine Street.  I found myself downtown several times a week and was fascinated by the vibe and indigenous beauty of the architecture there. Our new space is on the corner of Main and Orchard, boasts 12″ ceilings and hardwood floors.  However, the place is old and needs a lot of work to come up to Amy Youngblood Interiors’ standards!  Besides just refinishing the floor, we are upgrading other areas with new tile and vinyl floor planks,  fresh paint and wallpaper, new chandeliers and lighting… not to mention hip, modern furniture!

Stay tuned for our journey from a basic mess right now to the final product.  You may have also noticed my Cincinnista Facebook posts regarding all the good and close bars and restaurants. It’s going to a great home for us.

In the meanwhile, check out some of our before pics just for the record!

Love the corner location and Orchard Street is just darling. Of course, need a sign and new transom windows.
Our future kitchen. Need new tile, lighting, paint and of course, a kitchenette.
The front room entry space. We will be painting and wallpapering as well as furnishing with edgy and mid-century modern furniture and lighting!
My future office. Need to level off the floor, install cool vinyl plank flooring, new chandelier and paint.
The bathroom. Need I say more? Ugh!



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Get Fab for Fall Fashion Show Huge Success!

Trying my best to showcase this amazing dress by Bling!
Jill Haney actively describing our outfits and the fall trends.
Loving this clutch by Black and Brindle.

I can’t believe it’s been over a week since the big night September 1st, but the Get Fab for Fall was not just fun, it’s was successful!  The weather was prime and the turnout heavy.  hosted at one of my favorite wine bars, Unwind in Hyde Park, the staff welcomed us on to their beautiful patio for the Co-Op, Black and Brindle and Erin Wachs Jewelry to display their beautiful products.  In addition, Kenzie’s Closet was on hand to accept clothing donations.  Such a worthwhile cause!


To backtrack,  this Cincinnista, had the honor of modeling some of these beautiful wares.  My evening started out Blown salon in Kenwood for both a complimentary make-up  and hair styling.  The salon is beautiful (yes…I am a picky interior designer, too!) and the ladies that work there are as talented as they are nice. Once done there I trotted back to Hyde Park to a packed patio of fellow Cincinnista’s ready to get their Fall Style on!  After busy shopping and complimentary wine, the fashion show began with 6 of us ladies strutting our stuff down the hip outdoor runway! (Kind of kidding here).  I of course ended up buying at least two of the items I wore during the show…great stuff!


Hard to look good net to the age less Gina Elliott!
Unwind was the perfect venue for the show as always for a lovely glass of wine.
With one of my fellow Cincinnista’s and good friend Amy Barkett.
The ladies from Channel 9 are as nice as they are beautiful!
Blown in Kenwood did an amazing job on my hair and make-up. I can’t wait to go again before my next big event!
Beautiful ladies!
Erin Wachs Jewelry has both creative an classy pieces from anything from your ears to your neck. Check them out at Erin’s beautiful boutique in Mariemont!
Me and the lovely ladies behind the show!
Beautiful, creative pieces from Erin Wachs Jewelry.
The lithe, sexy model Gina Elliott!

I look forward to this becoming an annual event and for a good cause!  Check out my photos from the night and Cheers!

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The Count Down to “Get Fab for the Fall” Fashion Show

Well, as an honorary Cincinnista modeling in this show, part of my duty was the outfit selection.  I visited my dear friend Rachel Hamilton today at the Co-Op on Camargo and, my, was I impressed.  She first dressed my in a classy, textured grey wrap dress along with hip pumps by Jill Haney to start.  Then we moved on to more a more casual outfit comprised of a elegant print blouse and contrasting, distressed, demin jeans.  I will be topped off on Thursday with jewelry by Erin Wachs!


If you haven’t visited the Co-Op on Camargo you are missing out.  The quaint boutique is conveniently location on Camargo Road in Madeira.  Not to mention,  the clothing, jewelry and shoes are to die for.  What not to die over?  Crazy high prices!


Love the flattering clean lines of this wrap dress. The perfect fabric weight for fall. Perfect for a day at work of night out!
Love the pattern and rich colors of this fun and sexy outfit.
The always beautiful Rachel Hamilton at work!
These shoes are so Cincinnista!
Great selection of fun, inexpensive jewelry.



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