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Clash or Creativity?

So, I’m a bit torn over this issue.  While on my latest airline flight, I perused the latest fashion magazines,  and all the haute couture looks are a crazy mix of patterns and textures.  From striped shirts, to ruffled skirts mixed with studded heels,  it feels a bit like the “Clash of the Titans” to me.  I suppose this Cincinnista was always schooled in the the theory that if your top is complex, go with a more simplified baseline, or visa versa.  So what do we choose?  It seems to me that going with one or two focal points on your  outfit should suffice and let the rest follow.  Kind of like deciding between bold earrings or a bold necklace.  Can’t do both.  Check out these looks…hmmmm….might be fun on the runway, but to work?  Really?


I love Gucci, but I don’t think the pirate hat would work for me:)
Too much going on here!



Again, just the busyness of this outfit is too much. They would look great separately…but together?
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A Successful Appearance on Fox Channel 19!

As my blog Cincinnista continues to grow, I think that the highlight of the last year and a half, was our segment and fashion show on Fox Channel 19 this morning.

After appearing on Fox 19 twice now as an Interior Design Consultant, this was a new experience for me (Cincinnista.)  My mission was to discuss and display Fashion Trends for 2017.  The result was a great success!

With the collaboration of one of the best boutiques in Cincinnati,  The Co-Op on Camargo, as well as our three beautiful models,  here is a re-cap of what’s Hot for 2017:

-Cold shoulder and off-the-shoulder tops and dresses:   all the rage right now….another carry over from 2016.

-Embroidered and lace tops and dresses; this feminine and detailed look provides a great pop with simple denim and solid fabrics.

-Wide leg pants:  Not only are they stylish, they are comfortable and flattering especially on a taller silloutte. Not tall?  If your waist can handle it,  pair those high waister trousers with a shorter fitted top to elongate your legs…without showing your belly…remember Cincinnista’s are all about class!

-Stripes are in!  No, not your father’s pin striped button down, but stripes in unique repeats and angles such as flared sleeves and alternating lengths.  Very fun!

-Booties of all types: Check out Vinni’s “sock booties” that are a hybrid of short booties and tall boots,  and comfortable yet stylish at the same time.

In short, 2017 has a lot to be excited about….especially with fashion!  Stay tuned and check out our looks….


Our lovely Gina Elliott Rocking a 70′ inspired outfit with flared Level 99 jeans and embroidered striped top.
Myself, Amy Youngblood, in conversation on set with Anchor Charisse Gibson.
Models Vinni Brown, Heather Herr, and Gina Elliott
Vinni looks amazing in this black dolman sleeve dress!
Off the set with Vinni and Heather
Heather Herr rocking in an embroidered top and skinny jeans!
Myself, Amy Youngblood, chatting away with Charisse.
The whole gang!

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Cincinnista to be featured on Channel 19 Fox Now Show!

Well, after the honor of appearing twice as an interior designer on Fox News,  I am excited to announce that Cincinnista will be featured on the February 1st show at 10:10 am!

We will be discussing Fashion Tips and Trends for 2017.  In addition,  we will be featuring some fellow Cincinnista models in clothing, shoes and accessories provided by The Co-Op on Camargo.  So stay tuned and mark your calendar!

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Ruffle My Feathers!

Well,  as a Cincinnista that’s been through a couple of “Ruffle Phases”, this phase is here to stay…at least for 2017!


From off the shoulder tops, to dresses, now to skirts and jumpsuits, the flouncy ruffle is everywhere.  Just a word to the wise…don’t over do it or over mix it.  While ruffles are fun and festive…and often forgiving to some areas, do it sparingly.  For example, pair a ruffled top with simple skinny jeans and clean lined heals. DO NOT mix a ruffle top with ruffle pant, unless of course it’s a combined jumpsuit.  Here are some examples of some of my new fav’s this season.


This striking cold shouldered ruffle dress by Cinq a Sept is amazing paired with simple black sandals. Not to mention love the deep green color!
This sheer top by Red Valentino combines a tailored look with feminine contrasting ruffles. A truly timeless piece.
One of my favorite new designers, Alexis, takes the ruffle to an otherwise clean-lined pant suit. Ok…big secret…I’m wearing this to our Opening Gala next Friday!



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Take Cover: Falling Studs!

So not to be a negative “Cincinnista” on a Friday night (I know shouldn’t be not at work right now:) but my love affair with the metallic “studs” that are so “in” on handbag, shoes, and clothing has become a  bit strained.  After three rounds of a beautiful pair of Jimmy Choo sandals where the studs on the heals have fallen off, all I can say if “buyer beware!”  While Jimmy Choo has courteously fixing them now for the third time, it has been weeks of inconvenience of waiting for them to be fixed. And the next question is…will “studs” be out of style by the time I get them back?!  Kind of funny…but true.

I also had this issue with my Valentino Rockstud Dome shopper handbag as well as a pair of their flats.  Twice a stud fell out, and Nordstrom promptly had them fixed as apparently this is a common situation.  Hence, they are now prepared.

So the bottom line is when buying apparel or handbags, first, buy them from a quality company that will back up their product if there is a problem, such as a Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus.  To be honest,  buying American does pay off!  My Jimmy Choo sandals were bought from Jimmy Shoe directly based out of London and all they will do is fix the shoe not replace unlike a larger U.S. based store known for great service.

I will say the one item I’ve had surprisingly no problem with is with my Gucci Studded scarf from Neiman Marcus.  I have worn that grey scarf for days on end in this cold weather and not a stud has fallen from this cashmere piece.  Not to mention metal glued to fabric?  Can they give me the secret because obviously no one else has figured it out!

Cheers and Happy Friday!

Beautiful and fit like a glove. Something Jimmy Choo is known for. However, admittedly so by the manufacturerer, the studs on the heel rub against each other and simply won’t stay on.


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Fashion Alert! What’s Hot for 2017

With the holidays behind us (well almost) this Cincinnista is recovering from a crazy yet fun 2016 and looking forward to an even better 2017!

I’m going to pass on writing about New Years Even Fashion tips as some of us don’t care about it as much as others:)  So on with the next year!


-Stripes.  While often seen as a traditional and often dowdy look,  stripes can look sophisticated and modern paired with more current styles.

-Fun and interesting sneakers.  No, not those the hospital style white ones, that grandma wears, but a variety of creative, yet comfortable sneakers are now out there.  The new sneakers come in all type of fabrics, leather and embossing.  Even high end retailer Gucci has a section on their web-site devoted to “Sneakers”.

-Bye, bye the awful 2016 Colors of the Year:  Rose Quartz and Serenity!  This year’s color of 2017 is “Greenery”, a lighter and brighter version of Emerald.  Great for for winter and summer,  this color doesn’t evoke the “pastel” romance of last years colors,  but a bold, excitement toward life.

-Artistic prints and patterns.  Still in style, the DVF inspired prints have become a reference point for other top designers. I personally recently bought graphic M Missoni skirt on sale that is timeless,  yet hip and fun with a simple top.

-The mule shoe.  Man I wish I hadn’t cleaned my closet of these in the 90’s, but they are back!  Inspired by comfort,  mule come in various, colors and embossing, just like their cousin, the sneaker.

-Also, in:  lower heels!  Thank God!  This Cincinnista is pushing 50 and the thought of stiletto heels even for 10 minutes just does me in.  The lower block style heels that were in for the fall are here to stay.

So these are just a few 2017 Trends to start.  Happy New Year and see you in 2017!



This asymetrical top by Milly is both tailored, yet festive.
Is this “sneaker” by Gucci really a sneaker?! Makes me almost like snakes!
This classic yet comfy pump by Halston Heritage will go with anything.
Another comfy shoe by Halston Heritage. Love this metallic mule.
This knit top by DVF evolves a graphic and almost modern art feel.
Color of 2017: “Greenery!”
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Get Fab for Fall Fashion Show Huge Success!

Trying my best to showcase this amazing dress by Bling!
Jill Haney actively describing our outfits and the fall trends.
Loving this clutch by Black and Brindle.

I can’t believe it’s been over a week since the big night September 1st, but the Get Fab for Fall was not just fun, it’s was successful!  The weather was prime and the turnout heavy.  hosted at one of my favorite wine bars, Unwind in Hyde Park, the staff welcomed us on to their beautiful patio for the Co-Op, Black and Brindle and Erin Wachs Jewelry to display their beautiful products.  In addition, Kenzie’s Closet was on hand to accept clothing donations.  Such a worthwhile cause!


To backtrack,  this Cincinnista, had the honor of modeling some of these beautiful wares.  My evening started out Blown salon in Kenwood for both a complimentary make-up  and hair styling.  The salon is beautiful (yes…I am a picky interior designer, too!) and the ladies that work there are as talented as they are nice. Once done there I trotted back to Hyde Park to a packed patio of fellow Cincinnista’s ready to get their Fall Style on!  After busy shopping and complimentary wine, the fashion show began with 6 of us ladies strutting our stuff down the hip outdoor runway! (Kind of kidding here).  I of course ended up buying at least two of the items I wore during the show…great stuff!


Hard to look good net to the age less Gina Elliott!
Unwind was the perfect venue for the show as always for a lovely glass of wine.
With one of my fellow Cincinnista’s and good friend Amy Barkett.
The ladies from Channel 9 are as nice as they are beautiful!
Blown in Kenwood did an amazing job on my hair and make-up. I can’t wait to go again before my next big event!
Beautiful ladies!
Erin Wachs Jewelry has both creative an classy pieces from anything from your ears to your neck. Check them out at Erin’s beautiful boutique in Mariemont!
Me and the lovely ladies behind the show!
Beautiful, creative pieces from Erin Wachs Jewelry.
The lithe, sexy model Gina Elliott!

I look forward to this becoming an annual event and for a good cause!  Check out my photos from the night and Cheers!

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The Count Down to “Get Fab for the Fall” Fashion Show

Well, as an honorary Cincinnista modeling in this show, part of my duty was the outfit selection.  I visited my dear friend Rachel Hamilton today at the Co-Op on Camargo and, my, was I impressed.  She first dressed my in a classy, textured grey wrap dress along with hip pumps by Jill Haney to start.  Then we moved on to more a more casual outfit comprised of a elegant print blouse and contrasting, distressed, demin jeans.  I will be topped off on Thursday with jewelry by Erin Wachs!


If you haven’t visited the Co-Op on Camargo you are missing out.  The quaint boutique is conveniently location on Camargo Road in Madeira.  Not to mention,  the clothing, jewelry and shoes are to die for.  What not to die over?  Crazy high prices!


Love the flattering clean lines of this wrap dress. The perfect fabric weight for fall. Perfect for a day at work of night out!
Love the pattern and rich colors of this fun and sexy outfit.
The always beautiful Rachel Hamilton at work!
These shoes are so Cincinnista!
Great selection of fun, inexpensive jewelry.



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